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AEES 2023 | Shanghai, China | December 01st-03rd, 2023

The 4th International Conference on Advanced Electrical and Energy Systems (AEES 2023), organized by the College of Electrical Engineering, Shanghai University of Electric Power, was successfully held at the Paradise Jinjiang Hotel, Shanghai from December 1st to 3rd, 2023. The conference aimed to provide a platform for global academic, industrial, and research and development organizations in the fields of smart grids, power systems, and energy management to exchange ideas. The event saw the participation of hundreds of experts and scholars in the field of electrical and energy engineering from both domestic and international backgrounds, with a combination of online and offline synchronous sessions.

2023年12月1日-3日,由上海电力大学电气工程学院主办的第四届先进电气和能源系统国际会议(2023 4th International Conference on Advanced Electrical and Energy Systems,AEES 2023) 在上海市杨浦区甸园锦江宾馆成功召开。会议旨在为智能电网、电力系统和能源管理等领域全球学术界、产业界及研究开发组织的研究人员提供一个交流平台。来自国内外上百名电气和能源工程领域的专家学者参加了线上线下结合同步会议。 

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At the opening ceremony, Prof. Hexing Li ,the president and the advisory chair of this international conference delivered the welcoming address, while the conference was hosted by Prof. Shunfu Lin. Prof. Li pointed out in his speech that after over a year of preparation, the conference was finally held as scheduled. We are delighted to have received over 240 academic paper submissions from countries including China, Italy, France, Japan, Peru, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. We express our heartfelt gratitude to all supporters.

On keynote speeches session, Prof. Peng Wang (IEEE Fellow), Prof. Fushuan Wen (IEEE Fellow), Prof. Jun Xiao, Prof. Ciwei Gao, Prof. Aiguo Hu, Prof. Fan Yang and Assoc. Prof. Yingjun Wu delivered excellent speeches.
会议邀请了电力系统配电可靠性领域的世界级专家, 新加坡南洋理工大学王鹏教授 (IEEE Fellow),浙江大学电力经济及信息化研究所所长文福拴教授(IEEE Fellow), IEEE PES分布式资源与配电网规划技术分委会副主席、爱思唯尔“中国高被引学者”、全球前2%顶尖科学家、天津大学肖峻教授, 东南大学电气工程学院电力经济技术研究所所长高赐威教授,上海电力大学杨帆教授, 新西兰奥克兰大学电气及电子工程学院研究院主任呼爱国教授,IEEE PES南京分会秘书长、河海大学吴英俊副教授等7名业内知名专家做线下线上同步主题报告。主题报告内容涉及电力系统变化与挑战、配电系统中微电网、配电系统优化技术、电力资源动态分层分配、互联电力系统、无线电力传输技术等前沿研究领域。

Moreover the conference was composed of 17 technical oral sessions and 2 poster sessions, topics covered, for example, Solar Energy and Photovoltaic Power Generation, Power Grid Stability and Control, Electrical Insulation and Relay Protection, New Energy Power System and Distribution Network Optimization, Power Information Technology and Power Communication and so on. Each parallel session went through smoothly and a “Best Presentation” award was issued at the end of sub-conference.
会议设置1个主会场、2个海报展示分会场、9个线下口头分会场和8个线上口头报告分会场,共166名论文作者进行了分会场口头报告。各分会场报告引起了参会代表的广泛兴趣和积极交流,学术讨论气氛热烈。大会所收稿件将在IEEE会议论文集中发表,会议论文集将被Ei Compendex和Scopus等知名数据库检索,并被IEEE Xplore收录。

Poster Sessions | 海报展示

SA181-Yingzhe Yan  SA035-Ying Yang  SA157-Fei Lv  SA068-Minjian Cao 

Best Student Papers Award

BSPI - SA089 Jinpeng Qiao  BSPI - Group Photo  BSPII- SA164 Changwei Yin  BSPII - Group Photo 
BSPIII - SA095 Patdech Tirapatsakorn  BSPIII - Group Photo  BSPIV - SA139 Jian Li  BSPIV - Group Photo 

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