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Registration Fee | 注册费

Categories   Early Birds
Before Jan. 10th, 2020 
Regular Registration
After Jan. 10th, 2020  
(Students and Committees)  
380 USD / 2600 RMB  400 USD / 2800 RMB 
400 USD / 2800 RMB  430 USD / 3000 RMB 
Presentation Only   280 USD / 1900 RMB  300 USD / 2100 RMB 
Listener   280 USD / 1700 RMB  280 USD / 1900 RMB 
Additional Paper  350 USD / 2400 RMB / Per One   350 USD / 2400 RMB / Per One 
Additional Page
(Over 5 pages)  
70 USD / 450 RMB / Page   70 USD / 450 RMB / Page  
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Registration Policy

1. If the first author is not able to attend the conference, the second author or subsequent author has to pay the full registration fee.
2. In a paper with more than one author, all the authors attending the conference most complete their registration individually.
3. If you register as a Student, you will be asked to email a copy of your student ID card.
4. One regular registration is within FIVE Pages including all figures, tables, and references. Extra pages will be charged.
5. Once a successful registration transaction has been completed, confirmation of registration in soft-copy via email would be sent to the email address of the registrant. For some registration types it may be necessary to complete required information – such as attendee name – before the confirmation of registration and invitation letter can be issued.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

AEES is not responsible for problems beyond our control such as weather conditions, campus conditions, travel difficulties, visa problems, health issues, etc. No refunds will be given in these situations if occurring.